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Calibrations by elyhumanoid
- Rendered in Blender Cycles 2.72
- Models extracted by :iconsumirehaikuxna: & :iconthe-joeblack: & :iconmelllin: \\ Mass Effect © Bioware\EA

Here's an old render of mine, dedicated to :iconklerey: :dummy:
Space station by elyhumanoid
Space station
- Created and rendered in Blender Cycles 2.72 + Adobe Photoshop CS5
- Image reference: (Thank you Bioware lol)
Turning by elyhumanoid
- Rendered in Blender 2.72 + painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5
- Asari model extracted by :iconnach77: \ Mass Effect © Bioware/EA
- Thank you :iconme4fan: for your advice! :dummy:
- Floor textures found on Google
Asari Counselors (Irissa and Tevos) DL by elyhumanoid
Asari Counselors (Irissa and Tevos) DL
- Previews rendered in Blender Cycles 2.72
- I don't own anything. These two characters (from Mass Effect 3) belong to Bioware and EA.
- Download for XNALara\XPS
- Thanks to :iconmelllin: for providing Counselor Tevos' model. c:

Well, I have a fondness for the Asari race. :dummy:
I've always sacrificed the Council in Mass Effect 1, so I've never seen Tevos in game. I have to say that I love Irissa's appearance, her face is beautiful. Since Melllin's Tevos face model seems not to be the original one (it's like Liara's face), I thought I could sculpt it myself. I sculpted their noses above all and I edited Irissa's face, eyes and hands textures. Irissa's got a squared jaw, which I couldn't sculpt. I'll try to do it again and if I'll ever make it I'll update this submission. c; They're not perfect but neither so bad.
Enjoy and don't forget to credit me and Bioware\EA. Have fun and happy rendering! :D

Mass Effect fan animation film

Hi everyone!

I’m planning on making a Mass Effect film. I’ll be working with 3D programs (such as Blender) but I can’t do anything if I don’t have a sort of team. I’m writing the story right now. Anyway I need someone to help me (english’s not my native tongue).

I’m looking for:

Voice actors, writers and someone who’s able to work with 3D programs.

Actually I can work with 3D programs (if you don’t believe me, check out my gallery) but doing it with other people is way easier than doing it alone. Moreover my graphic card is a little too old for video editing programs such as Sony Vegas. It’s more difficult than you think LOL I’m also surching for writers because I may need someone to correct my mistakes - and good advice is appreciated too.

Please, message me or leave a comment if you’re interested and spread the voice, thank you!

- - - - - -
UPDATE (23 Sept. 2014)
Yayyy, our team is growing up (slowly, but it's a start)!
Me and :iconpadme4000: (:hug: thank you for your constant support!) agreed upon a title for this project: "Mass Effect: Journal of a Soldier". I won't tell much - you know, it's top secret 053 - keeping a secret . I can only say that the story's about Mass Effect Multiplayer's characters and it will be divided into many episodes.
- - - - - -
UPDATE (25 Sept. 2014)
- - - - - -
UPDATE (24 Oct. 2014)
As our team is now composed of more italian members than english ones, I decided to publish this project in italian first.
I still need 3D artists! Above all I need animators.
We already wrote a plot and we're writing the sequences. But since we abandoned the idea of rendering diary entries (they're difficult to animate), we also had to change the title - we haven't decided it yet.
I'm the only one who works on animations right now - I need help, yes. D: So I thought we could publish this story first as a 3D comic (in italian and english too), then in the form of animation, because this process takes a lot of time.


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